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    We will provide the comprehensive information for each region in China, help enterprises and organizations to invest in China in a better way.

    Policy and Tax
    We master the latest policy and industrial park information from the various municipalities and provinces in China. We can provide enterprises with detailed and accurate national and local preferential policies. And according to the different policies of different regions for different industries to provide the best site selection planning for enterprises. Furthermore, we can provide the most timely tax planning and high risk coping strategies for enterprises. And Set up a professional team to study ...
    revenue preferential policy from all kinds of countries and cities, and convey these information to the enterprise. Also, we will provide perennial tax consultants, the final settlement of corporate income tax, liquidation for increment tax on land value, tax cancellation, tax investigation and many other business, and help enterprises, individuals to receive government support funds and tax return awards.
    Commercial Real Estate
    We have in-deep study for Chinese market environment, we are able to provide a comprehensive and suitable consultancy service on the thematic shopping mall, the traditional department store or the large fashionable shopping center, also including the service of market positioning, competitive environment analysis, commercial retail property, advertising planning and shop location.
    Business Office
    In view of the needs of office space for office space, we are based on a comprehensive and accurate analysis of the market data, combined with the different requirements of different places on the office location and the specific needs of the office space for enterprises, to provide selection analysis and strategy for enterprises on purchasing and relocation of office space, and choose the suitable office space for clients to achieve the best investment strategy and long-term earnings.
    Industries and Logistics
    From the factory manufacturing industry to the logistics warehouse, the industrial real estate team with rich experience can help you to consider the land acquisition, recruitment, tax incentives, supply chain, infrastructure, market access and other elements, to complete the manufacturing, office R & D and logistics warehouse location market research, help you to obtain a location program combined with low-cost and efficient operation....

    The industrial real estate team has cooperated corporately with industrial real estate developers, tenants and investors, we can provide solutions planning for property management and industrial asset challenges from the single property to a multinational portfolio. With our extensive experience in the selection of industrial properties and logistics warehouses, our team will ensure that the site analysis and strategy are scientifically in terms of warehousing and distribution facilities, manufacturing plants or other industrial spaces, to support your business development goals in a better way.
    As a leader of China’s investment consulting industry, we have rich government relations, industrial park cooperation and real estate resources. Over the years, as the bridge between investors and merchants, we have succeeded in helping many enterprises to reach cooperation with the government and industrial park. And the company has professional advisory services team in a number of major cities around the China to provide a full range advisory and communication service for enterprises and regions.
    Strategy Development Consultant
    We will provide customized industry analysis according to the different industries of investors. The research team is composed of professional researchers who analyze the property market and study the development of the industry. We have a large database that covers detailed information about the country’s properties, including historical supply, demand, absorbance data and transaction comparison information. Combining forward-looking insight and market information, we will provide...
    customized reports of all types based on customer needs so that you can respond to current market conditions and plan for the future.
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